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The 12 Passwords Hackers Love

Remembering a million different passwords are meant to keep our devices safe and secure. But how effective actually is your password? “You have input the wrong password too many times and your account has been temporarily locked. Please click here to reset your password.” How many times a month do you come across that? It’s a familiar sight for everyone who owns a phone or a PC and has access to any digital accounts. Passwords are an essential first step to protecting ourselves against cybercriminals and prying eyes but just…

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Ways Device as a Service Empowers IT Img

5 ways Device as a Service Empowers IT

When IT departments are saddled with tedious tasks, like tech refreshes, security audits, and setting up or decommissioning accounts, they can’t participate in making the strategic decisions that will add to their business’s bottom line. This can stifle the innovative potential of an increasingly vital department, which given the way tech advances, no business can afford. A device as a Service, also known as DaaS, is a solution that allows businesses to invest in as much—or as little—hardware support as they want, from vendors who are experts in technology. Better…

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Future of IT Services Outsourcing Img

The future of IT Services is Outsourcing

Boost your business capabilities and lower expenditure by embracing the sharing economy and buying into outsourcing services. If the future of the workplace is flexible working hours, hot-desking and optional office time, it follows that technology must adapt according to the changing needs of business. The business of the sharing economy When it comes to the business world, the sharing economy has huge potential to increase profitability and drive efficiency by reducing expenses through workplace collaboration, shared technology, and communal office space. In October 2016, WeWork raised $260 million (£188…

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Automatic Defenses Saving Your Business Devices Img

Why Automatic Defences will Save Your Business Devices

How do you fight a threat that hides under your defences? You automate. £338 billion a year. That’s the current cost of cybercrime across the world1. That number gets bigger and bigger as hackers become more sophisticated and capable. One of the latest sneak attacks to become the bane of IT managers is the BIOS attack. Millions of machines have basic BIOS vulnerabilities, meaning they could be hacked into by someone with even moderate hacking skills. Researchers Xeno kovah and Corey Kallenberg presented a new type of attack at a…

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Celebrating 10 Years of the HP Support Community!

Today marks an exciting day for our community – on this very day 10 years ago, the HP Support Community was born.  And what a decade it has been. In the past 10 years in our English community alone, nearly 2 million people have provided over 3 million answers to nearly 1 million questions. Today, the English community is visited by over 4.5 million people a month.  We’ve also had 4 major redesigns, 6 meetups with our HP Experts from all around the world, and 33 #HPExpertDay events during that time. That’s many people reached and helped, and many…

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